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Do you measure what you do? Have you ever set a goal, maybe a recent new year’s resolution and didn’t see results?

Take a moment to reflect on why this might be.

Several reasons come to mind such as:

–          Having unrealistic goals – too hard, not enough time

–          You lost motivation / weren’t consistent

–          You didn’t measure anything

Measuring our goals is basically all three of those points in one.

Why you ask?

–          Well, if you have unrealistic goals such as it being too hard or not enough time, you didn’t measure what your starting point was or measure how much time you had to achieve your goal

–          If you lost motivation or weren’t consistent you didn’t track your sessions or your mood

These issues were all avoidable by tracking what you do!

Put simply, if we don’t track, we set ourselves up for failure.

Maybe you have a nutrition goal of losing x amount of weight, yet you don’t measure your calories or track your portion sizes or at least how many meals you’ve eaten in a day.

Maybe you have a goal of gaining muscle size and strength yet you don’t account for metrics such as the amount of volume you complete for your muscle groups or the weights you used session to session.

Maybe you have a goal of improving your sleep quality but you haven’t tracked what time you fall asleep and wake up, how often you wake up or habits around bedtime such as how long you watch TV.

Without keeping score we make our lives difficult. Now the human mind only has so much bandwidth if you will to fit things into our day. Tracking will add to the normal stresses that is why to be successful with tracking you must simplify it.

We use apps such as ‘Trainerize’ to help you track everything you do! This allows us to measure everything from body weight measurements like your body weight, waist and hip circumferences, to your training schedule, and nutrition macros – proteins, fats and carbs. As well as tracking other important metrics like your step count, sleep quality. This is a versatile app that is all in one. With trainerize we keep people accountable, we find where people are struggling, and then work with the person to create a realistic plan to accomplish their goals.

Simplifying the process of tracking your goal often comes down to making your goal achievable in bite sized chunks.

I have written about this before which you can check out HERE.

To get bit-sized chunks we need to determine what the goal is, what measures we can use within the goal and what road blocks / challenges we may face.

Now we have that in place you might use an app (like trainerize) or make a template on excel to track your data depending on your goal.

If you are looking to measure sleep you might download apps such as Sleep Cycle or if you want to improve your water intake you might utilise an app that gives you reminders and makes you input your water intake.

Without tracking we lose awareness of our immediate goals, our progress, aims and intentions and therefore our focus. By now you should understand the importance of tracking what you do, this isn’t just the gym. In work you will have KPI’s to hit, trargets that give you updates on your progress. Adopt this approach with your training and you will see results!

If you need help with a specific goal, feel free to reach out!

Contact us at moverightep@gmail.com

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