Top 10 ways to Stay Active at Home

OptimizePMD: Strength Training at Home with Household Items, Part I

Today let’s talk about 10 simple tips to keep you moving right during our time at home!

  1. Go for regular walks! Around your local block / LGA is ideal – The current recommendations are 150 minutes per week (want more information? Click Here)
  2. Park further away at the shopping centre. When doing groceries try parking at the opposite end and that way you will have to walk to and from further!
  3. Make a habit of walking around the house every 30-60 minutes, set an alarm and get moving once it goes off.
  4. Every time you stand up from a chair, perform 10 squats.
  5. Start Gardening – getting outside in your back yard or even an indoor garden can help you stay active!
  6. Exercise online! With the amount of fitness studios offering online classes this day (Move Right EP offers virtual 1 on 1) it would be a shame for you not to get moving!
  7. Walk up the stairs in your house an extra couple of times (if you don’t have stairs, try lunging up and down your hall way)
  8. Go outside and play with your pets (assuming you have pets outdoors).
  9. Start stretching daily – spend 5-10 minutes whilst watching TV to stand up and stretch your body
  10. Do odd jobs around the house! This is a great way to get your activity levels up – declutter a room / house, paint, turn your living room into a dance floor.

Found these tips helpful?

I’d love to see how you’re staying active, feel free to send in videos or comments as you might inspire others to move right as well!

Move Right. Live Right.

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