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At Move Right EP we care about results, specifically your results!

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I required significant rehabilitation after a number of operations and a long stay in hospital. Daniel was recommended to me as someone who could get me back to my old self and I have been very happy with the results.

Daniel started our work together by seeking to understand my issues and what I wanted to achieve from our work together.

He developed a personalized program for me and has continued to monitor and change the program over a number of months. The Trainerize app he uses is excellent as a daily reminder of how to exercise correctly.

Daniel is very well qualified and experienced and the results achieved so far gives me great confidence in him.

I had a great experience with Move Right EP, my trainer Daniel was extremely helpful and always made sure he was available to respond quickly to any questions I had along the way.

My goals were to improve my flexibility and increase my body mass. Within weeks I was so excited that I was already seeing progress, I had touched my toes for the first time in years! And it was not long after that that I started noticing growth in my quads and later the rest of my body. 

I chose online training because I have a busy lifestyle and my hours aren’t always the same so it was hard for me to commit to the same time every week. Training with Daniel online allowed me to be flexible with my training times, I was able to go whenever suited me. 

The setup process was very simple. He communicated via email to discuss things like  my training and health history, current goals and diet .Then he sent through some exercises for me to film myself doing so he could see any issues with my form, for example he noticed in one of the exercises that I was shifting my weight forward, which was the cause of my lower back pain. He then used that information to incorporate exercises into the program to improve it. 

Daniel works through an app called ‘Trainerize’, which is extremely easy to navigate. He uploads your program onto the app which includes video tutorials on how to do each individual exercise which was extremely helpful. The app is also used for communication, and for you to update him on your progress. You can also link apps like my fitness pal and Fitbit. 

Overall the whole experience was excellent and I would definitely recommend his services. 

Crystal Holden

Daniel has been a fantastic help in the development of my training, having utilised both the online and in person aspects of training.

Daniel has helped me improve my form and range of motion on movements and in turn help me reach new PB on max lifts.

Daniel has also assisted me in working through old injuries to help me move and lift pain free.

The focus and friendly attitude Daniel provides is above and beyond any expectations i had for a trainer – the tailor made custom plans are easy to follow, the app provided works fantastic for both demonstration and tracking of workout routines and the 1on1 check ins with Daniel really shows that i wasn’t just another number.

Heavily recommend Move Right EP to anyone looking to better themselves.

Bradley Howarth

How would you describe your experience with Move Right EP / Daniel?

I have been training with Daniel for 6 years and he is so experienced in what he does. He always makes the effort to find a way to help me in certain situations wether it be nutrition, personal training or exercise physiology. He is encouraging and motivating in all aspects of my training.

What were the highlights of your training?

Getting pushed to my limits week in week out.

Why did you choose online training and how did this benefit you?

During Covid whilst gyms were closed this gave me the opportunity to continue my training but online. Daniel was there to support me through weekly catch ups and gave me the motivation to not give up during the pandemic.

If you were explaining the service to your family / friends, what would you tell them?

Daniel is a great person to be trained by is very knowledgeable in all aspects of training and exercise physiology.

What are your thoughts on the training app ‘Trainerize’ used for online?

Trainerize makes it so easy for me to follow my program, if I am unsure of an exercise there is always a video to show how to perform the exercise. I am able to record my weight so that I can track my progress.

Annette Grady

Daniel has been the best. Has a very good understanding on correcting form and giving you the right exercises to hit your goals 👍 with his help I’ve shaved 3 minutes off my 5k running PB!

Leo Chao

My experience with Daniel from Move Right EP has been nothing short of exceptional.

I train with Daniel online, and have trained with Daniel one on one in the past. Daniel is a highly experienced Coach and Exercise Physiologist, and I have found Daniel to be extremely detailed orientated in observing movement and prescribing suitable exercises with the overarching aim to meet my specific goals.

I really enjoy the Trainerize app that Move Right EP uses to deliver my training program. It is easy to navigate, log and track my progress and it has great video demonstrations of movements. It’s also a great communication tool to be able to contact Daniel and to stay accountable all in one place.

I have found that online training with Move Right EP has been interactive and effective in supporting me to stay consistent and excited about my training!

Rheanan Callaghan

I couldn’t recommend Daniel more to be honest. He is born to do what he does. Daniel is forever learning and adapting the way he coaches in order to best meet the needs of his clients and to keep atop of the most up-to-date research. On days when I haven’t felt up to training he is very motivating and knows when I need to be pushed and when I need support. He has helped me to set and achieve many goals which have improved my nutrition, fitness, posture, how I walk and to complete day to day movements without pain.

Jennifer Giewald

This is a business founded for you. Your wants and needs will be listened to by our staff, we will work with you to develop a program and wellness intervention that is suitable and achievable to set you up for success!

Whether your goal is improving your body composition, being able to hang out the washing, walking unassisted through a shopping center, to feel better about yourself physically, mentally and emotionally or training for specific sports and health goals we can help.

Want help reaching your goals? Get involved!

Move Right. Live Right.

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