How can a Personal Training (PT) help you?

A personal trainer is someone who specialises in improving your quality of life through exercise and lifestyle coaching!

We offer a host of services through trainerize which include:

  • Goal Setting
  • Movement Coaching through a combination of strengthening, mobility and cardiovascular exercise
  • Lifestyle Coaching – (sleep, nutrition, stress management)
  • Health Education
  • + More!

Personal Training largely focuses on healthy populations

These include: people who want to improve their body composition (gaining muscle, losing fat), training for sports, injury prehabilitation, athletes, general populations that want to improve their lifestyles + mroe

The first time you meet with our PT you will go through your medical history, undergo an assessment in regards to your movement capabilities, perform goal setting to determine what you want and need and be provided with an exercise regime specifically designed to achieve your goals.

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