How does our approach work?

Our approach is centered around you!

We listen to you, assess you, we work with you to uncover your goals, wants and needs. Then most importantly we help you reach them!

Our role as your coach is to educate you along the way, working with you to identify your physical and mental capabilities, what you are missing and how to restore them to achieve your desired outcomes.

What’s an example of our approach?

Our approach

You may present with chronically (long-term) tight hips. The image above is a concept from our book ‘Move Right. Live Right’. This is a self-help book aimed at providing your practical examples of how to take control of your health, movement, nutrition and lifestyle!

The above image is an example of some of the variances we can have in our standing posture. As we can see in the image to the left (anterior pelvic tilt), this is someone who would present with tight hip flexors and weak glutes. This is because their muscles are lengthened in some areas, and shortened in others.

The normal train of thought would be to stretch what is tight and strengthen what is weak; when we view this, we take a different approach.

The hip flexors are tight because they are lengthened, now if I was to stretch something that is already stretched would I expect a decrease in the tightness of my hips? No.

Instead, of stretching, we need to look at the bone structures. By focusing on restoring your pelvic orientation, bringing the respective muscles back to their normal positions, this would take the tension off the muscle without stretching it at all.

This is just one of the many examples of how we can help you. We view you are a being, not a number. Each person that works with us will feel listened to, supported, and active in the decision-making process. We look to incorporate lifestyle changes, which include how well you eat, what your sleep quality and quantity looks like. As well as how to manage your stress levels.

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