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Our online is designed to give you a premium service without the face to face.

If you are someone who travels for work frequently but still wants to improve their health, wants to walk 30 min uninterrupted, learn about the best program they can be doing to achieve their results, vacuum the house pain free, lose that extra weight, play with your children, rehabilitate and get back to your sport or just want to improve your quality of life then this is the service for you!

This involves the following:

Initial Consult:

  • Zoom Meeting – This is where we first get to know each other, then understand and identify exactly where you want to go on your journey towards a healthier lifestyle and map out steps to get there!

You will receive the following:

  • Pre-Exercise screening and medical history overview
  • Goal Setting
  • A baseline assessment – To enable us to tailor our approach to your needs
  • An Individualized program consisting of both stretching and movement related exercises
  • + More!

Continued Service:

Once the initial is out of the way, we will help you build both habits in movement related and nutrition if required to assist you towards your goals.

  • Access to our online training program where you can track and be held accountable for your program
  • Fortnightly zoom meetings with one of our health professionals (Either our Exercise Physiologist or Personal Trainer) to answer any questions you may have, review your technique with movements, educate you on how to get the most out of your session + more
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