Online Personal Training

Online personal training is here to stay, and this is how it can benefit you!

Online Personal Training
Online Personal Training

Did you once have trouble accessing training?

Well, the good news for you is that it is now more accessible than ever before!

Maybe you live in a remote place.

Maybe you don’t have access to quality trainers / coaches in your area.


Maybe you’ve wanted to train with a coach that is simply just too far away.

This doesn’t matter anymore with Online Personal Training.

How good for you!

At Move Right EP one of our main goals is to get you moving, but more importantly keeping you moving!

Throughout COVID, like many fitness businesses we initiated Online Training for our clients to help them stay accountable and moving towards their goals and success.

This worked wonders!

Why is that you ask?

A number of benefits exist, let me go into some more detail.

1. Online Personal training gives you professional advice!

Why is this good? Well, it’s guidance and structure on the go. Rather than feel like your on your own or have to resort through scouring the internet for a program that isn’t tailored or suited towards your goals, you can access professional advice at the tips of your fingers – all you need to get started is internet!

 2. Online Personal training gives you flexibility

Travelling can chew up time, one of the great benefits for some of my clients was saving a ton of time on travel! Not to mention a range of alternative times opened up – how convenient is it for some people to simply wake up, turn their computer on and wallah the trainer is all set to go!

 3. Online Personal training gives you easier options for communication

You get out of hours communication with online. Why? Because there is an instant messenger function built within the training application we use ‘TRAINERIZE’. This acts as a Facebook like messenger function now being realistic, we won’t reply at say 3am if you send a message but it does make it a lot more convenient than waiting until your next session to reach out and ask a question or seek clarity.

4. Online Personal training gives you affordability

One on one face to face sessions can be expensive – this expense is something I choose to view as an investment in longevity and health saving you tons in disease management costs down the track.

Online can reduce the cost through a range of Move Right EPs options such as Online programs and our virtual services.

 5. Online Personal training gives you results

Rest assured, transitioning to an online service won’t lead you to missing out on the results you desire. The reasons above should indicate that it may actually lead to a higher chance of your reaching your goals! Now you won’t run into road blocks such as having time and cost restrictions!


Want to find out more about our online services?

Click HERE and read on.

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