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Making a #1 gym program to give you ultimate success
gym program

Are you looking to get the most out of your gym program? Well, that involves knowing what to include and what not to.

One of the biggest areas I see people falling is not being specific to their goals.

Do you even know your goal? Start there.

Have a solid goal? Look to individualize your training to align with your goals.


Each and everyone of you currently reading this post will have different backgrounds, training histories, injury histories, goals, wants and needs. Simply pulling the first program off the internet won’t encapsulate the level of detail you may require for your best gym program.

Focus on key movement patterns in your gym program

There are big movements that everyone should be capable of. These include:
– Squatting
– Hinging
– Carrying
– Pushing
– Pulling
– Walking / Running

Every other movement is a subgroup of each of these large movement patterns. These are crucial patterns to include to ensure you are strengthening yourself not just for the gym but everyday life. Think of carrying your groceries inside, taking out the bins, picking an object up from the floor, hanging out the clothes. All of these require different movement patterns to be able to accomplish the task. For the general population, you really can’t go wrong with having variations of the big movements.

Balance and Structure

Balance and structure are crucial elements within any program. This relates to having a plan that trains your whole body.
Too often people neglect muscle groups like the core region, calves, and even the entirety of their legs. This needs to stop if you want to have any hope of creating the best type of gym program.
Give your body balance and structure through consistency in training and aiming to hit each joint in your body in some capacity.
Examples of decent splits include:
Full body split x 3
2 x upper and 2 x lower sessions

Progressive Overload

This refers to making continual progress week to week or session to session. Why is this necessary? Your body is extremely adept at adapting to what you through at it. So, to keep improvements occurring you need some form of progression.
Now don’t get caught in the trap of thinking progressive overload only refers to the increasing weight in your movement week to week.
This may come in other forms such as
• Performing more sets or reps for the same weight
• Recovering faster e.g. less rest time required between sets for the same output
• Improving your movement technique
As a rule of thumb try the following to continually progressive overload:
• Work with enough stimulus/intensity – This will look like completing your exercise with a rate of perceived exertion (RPE) of 7-8 out of 10. Think of 10 as the hardest thing ever and 1 as a walk in the park.
• Hit adequate volume – This will differ for each area but aim to complete roughly 10 sets per muscle group, per week.
• Prioritise frequency – Our bodies can only take in so much volume in one hit. So, rather than aiming to do 10 exercises for your chest in one session, space it out over multiple sessions e.g. 5 exercises on one day, 5 on the next.

Now want to hear a big secret?

There is no best program! While the title implies there is, this is actually false. Rather than aim to have the best program anyone has ever created, instead, you should focus on consistency.
Consistency is the last key variable in creating a program that will achieve the results you are after.
Without consistency your chances of progress are zip. We know through the principle of reversibility that what we don’t use, we lose. If you skip too many sessions or avoid areas like your legs, then you won’t maintain the progress you have made if you’ve even made any at all.
Do you know what the FITT principle is? Check out our blog HERE.
Take the time to understand your ‘WHY’ so you can formulate great goals. Want to know more about goal setting?  This is something we talk extensively about in our goal-setting blog HERE.
Your why is your purpose, your driving force, and your reason for engaging in a program in the first place. Understand this and then develop an action plan such as how many sessions you will perform, what you need to include and so on and you will be unstoppable in reaching your goals.
This is something Move Right EP focuses on to achieve amazing results with our clients. Are you interested in reaching your goals? Reach out to us today!

Contact us at – moverightep@gmail.com

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