Let’s get your exercise mojo back post Covid!

I get it, you’ve lost your exercise mojo! Covid has been hard for many and having the gym’s closed hasn’t help you and your training post Covid!

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Some of you may have still been active, during covid or even post covid, great job!

For those that haven’t been active it may be time to start mapping out an attack plan for returning to an active lifestyle post covid!

So where do we start?

Moving forward I’ve listed some tips and considerations to include that will help you build a plan post covid!

  • Set a goal! If you want to get into the nitty, gritty about goal setting check out our blog HERE.

Having a goal will give us direction, set your intentions and track so you know how you’re travelling in meeting your goal!

  • Build slow – if you’ve had some time off chances are you’ll have lost some strength, technique efficiency and more. Take the time to build back up to it! If you could run a marathon and haven’t run in months, try starting by getting some small runs under your belt, if you used to train 6 days per week, start with 3-4 and look to add sessions over time.
  • Follow a routine! Having a routine builds habits, these habits transfer into your actions and from there we see change! For many of us throughout Covid it would have consisted of sitting down, eating snacks, watching Netflix, occasional work? Repeat and that is our life. Take the time to assess your current routine and how you can change it to enhance your health!
  • Prioritise yourself It’s time to reclaim your health, not just for you but for those around you! Engaging in regular exercise has a host of benefits, don’t believe me? I’ve written a blog on this too, click HERE! These benefits range far and wide and can allow you to be the best version of yourself.
  • Don’t over commit! For some of us we are so eager to get back into a healthy lifestyle that it can become unhealthy! Don’t lose momentum by going 100 kilometres an hour, setting yourself a target of completing 7 sessions, twice a day isn’t viable if you can only commit to three sessions per week.

Now that we have some key considerations thought about it’s time to formulate this into action!

  • How many days do you have available?
  • What’s times in the day can you train or move?
  • What are you aiming to achieve and when does this need to be achieved?

This is the building blocks of your plan. The next stage is developing an exercise regime that matches the above factors!

If you have three days or less available – try looking for a mixed program

If you have more days – try splitting up into an upper and lower program

If you want a specific program for you and your goals – we can help!

Find out more ways a coach can help you HERE.

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