Are you training day in, day out only to feel like you aren’t making any noticeable change or moving towards your goal?

It may be time to review some key variables in your training and lifestyle!


How hard are you honestly training? We can go to the gym chat with our friends, scroll through our phone, take our time with our rest periods and so on. This may look like completing our training session in 1 and a half or even 2 hours, when the session could’ve been completed in an hour.

This is an example of training intensity, often we won’t push ourselves even if we’re training regularly, a lack of intensity can lead to insufficient results.

With our exercise, a good rule of thumb is to train with a relatively high intensity, this may look like having 2-3 reps left in the tank, meaning if you were completing an exercise for 3 sets of 10 reps. You might complete your 10 reps but you could have reached 12 or even 13 reps before you failed.

Another way to view this in the context of cardio would be that we are unable to talk fluently, we may have to pause between words and struggle to complete full sentences.


Do you train once in a blue moon? OR maybe you train the same thing every day.

Exercise and results from exercise has a dose response, much like medicine. We can have too much and too little.

Finding the line for optimal results can take time and will be dependent on your experience with exercise, goals, medical history and other factors.

As a rule of thumb with frequency we want to train multiple times per week for our joints, this might look like exercising your legs on a Monday then training them again a few days later once they have recovered.

Lifestyle variables

How much quality sleep do you get? What foods are you eating and are they in alignment with your goals? Do you manage your stress? How much do you move outside of your training?

Lifestyle factors can be a large contributor and often overlooked factor when we fail too see meaningful results in our training.

Health is the result of multiple components – this is what I refer to as your pillars of health. We must have balance between our training (the stimulus), our sleep (the recovery), our nutrition (the fuel), our stress (headspace) and our social wellbeing. This enables us to create a favourable environment for growth!

If you are struggling with your program, it may be time to seek additional help. Find yourself a qualified professional that can assist you in developing an appropriate and effective program to enable you to reach your goals!

At Move Right EP that is what we aim to do through providing high quality, person centered programming taking into account the large spectrum of factors that will be influencing your life and training!

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Move Right. Live Right.

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