A very common question we get asked is how do we measure success?

The answer? It depends.

The reason for my ambiguous answer is simple, it depends on the individual, the goal at hand, the objective we are even trying to measure!

Simply saying a blanket statement of this is how we measure success takes away from the actual beauty of measuring success, in all its amazing shapes and forms.

Let me start by posing a question to you. 

Which statement do you think is success?

  1. Hitting a 200kg personal best (PB) in the deadlift


  1. Completing 3 walks around the block that you set out to do at the start of the week

Hopefully you read both statements and found success in both of them!

That is the nature of success, we do not inherently need to measure success purely by the feat of the task.

Instead, when looking at success we must instead focus our attention to the task, not the size. While hitting a 200kg PB is impressive for the general gym goer, we cannot say that one is more or less successful than the other. Hitting a goal that you set out for yourself and achieving it is a feat in itself! All it takes is for us to shift our attention to this perspective.

This is our approach at Move Right EP, we place heavy value on giving success to all things! It all counts.

So, let’s go back to the answer ‘It depends’.

Within our process we start with your goal, the reason you started in the first place, the reason you are so motivated or willing to undergo a behavior change.

Check out our blog on goal setting HERE.

Next, we take the time to work with you in realising what are achievable habits, behaviors to engage with.

We then recognise changes along the way, making adjustments as need be to keep you moving towards the overarching goal.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it?

While it is difficult to delve into exactly how to measure success specifically for YOU, I will instead provide a snapshot into some different ways around thinking about and viewing success.

Some quick ways you may choose to measure your success (based on general goals)

Weight Loss:

  • Photos
  • Body weight measurements
  • How you fit in your clothes
  • Friends / family members making comments about your appearance


  • Increasing your performance
  • Preventing injury
  • Recovering better physically and mentally
  • Trying new skills within the context of your sport

General Health:

  • Having more energy for your friends / family
  • Being more productive at work
  • Having better blood results
  • Sleeping better
  • Improving your mood in general

Muscle Growth:

  • Adherence in your training
  • Being able to tolerate more load / volume in your training
  • Girth Measurements increasing
  • Photos showing more definition
  • Adhering to your nutrition targets
  • Feeling more activation in certain muscles

Our little actions turn into big results! Reaching the Olympics doesn’t happen overnight, it’s years of hard work, consistent training day in and day out that get you to that end goal. Apply this model to your goal, what small actions are leading to your end goal?

  • Is it taking a 30 minute walk every day?
  • Is it decreasing your phone time to spend more time with your family?
  • Maybe it’s preparing your meals at the start of the week.

Whatever the case, once you achieve the small tasks, take the time to recognise it. Celebrate the wins along the journey, who knows you may find this even boosts your motivation, your drive to accomplish that end goal like the snowball effect.

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