Hip Positioning can affect your posture!

Do you suffer from tight hips?

This may present in a number of ways, for numerous reasons.

Common ways you can figure out if your hips are tight include:

  • Not being able to touch your toes
  • Feeling like you need to stretch the front of your hips
  • Hip Pain
  • Walking different / With a limp
  • You get a pinching sensation when you move a certain way
  • You can’t lift your legs up as high anymore

Now why might this occur?

  • You don’t move!
  • You sit for prolonged periods of time e.g. school / work
  • You had an injury
  • Growth Spurts
  • Favouring certain patterns

Hip restrictions can be a nuisance stopping you completing tasks you love and enjoy!

Today lets talk about 2 presentations, anterior compression and posterior compression.

Anterior Compression:

This relates to the front (anterior) of your hips!

With this type of restriction, I will generally find people have tight hip flexors (front of the hip) and lengthened hamstrings. Movements you may struggle with involve lifting your leg above 90 degrees, Squatting down.

You may look like this!

Anterior compression aka Anterior pelvic tilt

Posterior Compression:

This relates to the back (posterior) of your hips!

With this type of restriction, I will generally find people have tight (shortened) hamstrings and struggle with movements such as hinging / deadlifting and touching your toes.

You may look like this!

Posterior Compression = AKA Posterior Pelvic Tilt

Why does this occur?
Each of our muscles have an optimal position, where they can generate the most force. Through the factors listed about – our lifestyles, how we breathe, where our tightness / restrictions are can lead to alterations in our posture and the movements we have access too.

How do we fix it?

Start by learning how to move your pelvis!

You can watch a video on this here.

You can also check out my FREE Ebook on how to correct your hips to improve your squatting and deadlift! This Ebook entails how to correct anterior and posterior compressions!

You can find the Free Ebook link here.

Learning how to move your hips can assist you to improve your health! From restoring your movement, decreasing your pain and stiffness and improving your energy efficiency. These can go a long way to influencing your health, allowing you to get back to doing what you enjoy and love!

Struggling with improving your hips motions or suffering from pain? Reach out below!

Move Right. Live Right.

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