The Benefits of Exercise

Benefits of exercise
Benefits of exercise. Vector illustrations diagram.

In this week’s blog lets talk exercise!

Yes, we all know that exercise can help you gain muscle and lose weight, but did you know it can help with more than that?

Exercise should be thought of as medicine! Exercise can improve the following:
– Mental Health (Anxiety, depression, PTSD)
– Sleep Quality
– Helps improve Chronic diseases ranging from neurological (MS and Stroke), cardiovascular (Heart attack), Metabolic (diabetes), Cancer (breast, prostate) to musculoskeletal (Knee and Shoulder reconstructions, Arthritis)
– Rehabilitation from injuries (Gait retraining, improving range of motion, strength and function of your body)
– Preventing falls in elderly
– Improving your posture

+ Many more!!

Most importantly exercise make’s your life easier! It helps you perform activities you want/ need to do like playing with your children, putting the washing out, travelling and remaining independent.

If you are interested to know more about the many benefits of exercise or want help with improving one of these areas specifically, feel free to book in with one of our staff, contact us below!


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