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Introduction – Move Right EP

Welcome to Move Right EP! We offer exercise physiology and personal training services.

Clinical exercise physiologist
Daniel Cooper

My name is Daniel Cooper, I have undergone 4+ years of university to become an Accredited Exercise Physiologists (EP), participated in numerous courses from leading experts and been mentored by both personal trainers and a multidisciplinary team containing (Exercise Physiologists, Chiropractors and osteopaths. I am one part of Move Right EP!

My experience started through personal training before moving within a clinical setting as an EP and now onto a private setting offering both in house and mobile services. Throughout my career I have worked with a range of people and conditions some of which include:

  • Musculoskeletal rehabilitation – ACL, Shoulder Reconstruction, Hamstring
  • Neurological conditions – MS, Stroke, Parkinsons, Enchepalitis
  • Metabolic conditions – Diabetes (Type 2), PCOS
  • Cardiovascular conditions – AF, Hypertension, Cardiac Rehab
  • Body composition – Fat Loss, Muscle Growth
  • Return to work (RTW)
  • Elderly – Falls Prevention
  • Return to sport (RTS) – Athletes from Netball, Soccer, Rugby, Tennis
  • + More

During this time I have grown my passion for improving the quality of people’s lives. Now I am starting a business aimed at you, the individual. I endeavor to provide a positive experience. One filled with education, empathy and understanding, to enable you to take control of your health and your life. I am constantly learning to update my knowledge to improve my service for you.

If you would like me to help you improve your life, reach out below!


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Why you’re breathing wrong!

Breathing is integral to living. As you’re aware if you don’t breathe you will die.  We take approximately 23,000 breathes per day, every day. Now while you must be breathing as you’re reading this post right now, have you ever thought about how you’re breathing?

We criticise technique with everything else we do from writing, to driving and to exercises. Breathing is no different, there is a technique to breathing that creates an optimal pattern.

If this is not achieved then our body will change. We will limit our range of motion e.g., not being able to touch your toes or reach your arms above your head. This will impact your life subtlety until the point that you can no longer move and it affects you.

Why does this happen?

Well simply put, life.

  • We get stressed
  • We get injured
  • We aren’t conscious about how we breathe
  • We develop poor posture
  • + More

Take the average office worker for example. Sitting behind a desk 5 days a week for 8 hours a day (40/hr work week). This person is in a certain position (sitting) for a prolonged period of time. As humans we have been developed to move through our predecessors thousands of years before us.

Test yourself!

Film or watch yourself in a mirror. What you should be looking for is expansion (like a balloon inflating) around your rib cage – front, side and back.

Next, lets pay attention to how long you are breathing for. For the purpose of this test I want you to pay attention to how long you are exhaling.

Is this happening? Great!

If not? What else is moving / not moving – Look at your stomach, your chest, how deep you breathe

Are you flaring your ribs?

If so, you still aren’t breathing correctly. Chances are you have a very shallow exhale and the drill below will enable you to allow the ribs to descend down and in (like they should).

Show me how to breathe!

What we are looking for is a term I call ‘Stacking’ – simply put, we want your bones on top (stacked) on the bones below. If we look at the image below, we can see a centered rib cage on the left, where my ribcage sits directly over my hips (pelvis), which sits directly over the knee, which sits directly over the ankle.

In the image on the right compensation is occurring. The ribs are flaring upwards, causing the bones below to become ‘Unstacked’ e.g., the hips move forward past the knee, and the knee moves off centre to the ankle.

Why is this important to keep a stacked position?

Well as our bones shift and move, our muscles react by shortening and lengthening. Our muscles each have an optimal position in which they can do what there meant to do (make us move). If the bones move out of position, the muscles get placed out of position leading to compensation which may present as muscle tightness or pain, lack of energy and so on.

So… How do we breathe?

Try the steps below:

  • Take a deep breath in through your nose. Now focus on the exhale, try breathing out of your mouth; imagine fogging up glass with your breath.
  • While doing this try and push past the point that you would normally breathe out.
  • What you should feel is your rib cage compress down and in and your stomach muscles switch on

Focusing on a quality exhalation (outward breath) allows your bones to drop down (compress).


Wow, that was a lot!

Let’s recap and keep it simple.

  1. We need to expand our ribcage (like a balloon) 360* degrees with each inhale.
  2. We need to compress our ribcage with each exhale – deep breathe out.
  3. We should be ‘stacked’ with majority of activities. Meaning our bones are in alignment over the bones below (think hips over knees in a standing position).

If you want further information – breathing or another topic?

Feel free to send me us a message below!

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Move Right EP

We operate as a health and fitness service aimed at providing in depth wellness coaching.

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ABN 77183102944 © Move Right EP 2020 – All Rights Reserved.

Stretching is outdated!

Do you still stretch?

I’m going to assume you said yes.

Now let me ask you another question.. do you find yourself repeating the same stretches, day in, day out barely improving your flexibility or mobility?

I know the feeling.

This lack of progress with myself and my client’s was a recurring theme eventually leading me to re-evaluate my approach to improving flexibility, mobility and the like of specific joints.

Instead of focusing on hammering, smashing and any other adjective you can think of to try and mould your muscles into your desired length how about you take another approach.

Look to your posture, look at your breath, the day to day activities you perform that have led you to this chronic tightness in whatever muscle or joint you are feeling restricted. To enhance your movement capabilities through mobility and flexibility we must first change our lens on movement.

If I told you to turn your head to the left, as far as you possibly could you would now be in what I call a Left orientation, basically your head is far more to the left than it is the right as you can see in the photo below.

Now because you are rotating your head as far as you can to the left, you have the possibility to go really far to the right, but you don’t have much space to go further into the left, as you are already there.

If we assess our movement of the tight area it is often because we are already in the end range for that muscle or joint. If you have tight hamstrings for example you may be in an anterior pelvic tilt orientation, basically pushing your bum backwards and lengthening your hamstrings. It will give the sensation to us that our hamstrings are tight, our reaction is to stretch this area even though it’s already stretched. Does this make sense to you?

Instead of stretching our hamstrings further past their limit, we instead need to shorten it and restore them to their resting length. If we compare this to our head example above it would be the equivalent to straightening our head; this way we have the capacity to move our head to the left and the right equally.

Throughout our lives we will adopt certain postures that can be favour some to what is required. Think about work, sport, injuries, our bodies will accommodate these by altering our posture, the way we stand and walk to allow us to perform actions and tasks that we need to do as deemed by the work, sport and injuries. This can benefit us in those areas but leaves us lacking in our movement outside of these confined skills.

To make lasting change, we must give our bodies what we don’t have.

To help you get started, here are a few tips!

  • Set up a camera and film yourself, stand still facing forward, facing the side and then facing your back to the camera. From here screen shot a still of you in each position – front, side and back.

When doing this from our side on point of view, you should see a straight line from your ear, to your shoulder bone, to your hip bone to your lateral (outer) knee bone and lateral ankle bone. Is this the case for you? Or are you shifting your hips forward or back or your shoulders forward and back. You get the drift. If you are out of alignment in your resting standing posture then your muscles and joints will compensate, limiting your motion over time.

These positions are not inherently bad when taken from a snapshot but when they occur over a longer period of time, when this becomes your new ‘normal’ then we create issues.

Ok, so what’s the fix?

  • You need to be conscious of your posture in various situations – mainly standing and walking to start to correct your restrictions. This may entail putting more pressure on the centre or heel of your foot rather than the front of your foot
  • You may need to alter how you walk, allowing your heel to strike the floor (again you can film yourself walking to find a discrepancy) and your arms to swing in opposition to your legs
  • You need to breath, if you have read my ‘breathing’ blog, you should have an idea of the importance of your breath. This is an essential and often overlooked area that people neglect. If you don’t breathe in a position, you don’t own that position. When we stretch people will often hold their breath and rush through the allocated time. Instead relax, inhale deeply and exhale deeply, pause between breathes and be mindful of your new position.

If you are feel you are someone who needs to improve their posture or learn how to improve their movement capabilities, if you’re someone who has stretched found minimal improvements then reach out below and let us help!

Contact us below!


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Move Right EP

We operate as a health and fitness service aimed at providing in depth wellness coaching.

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